whenever im lost and confused i turn to michael for help


*incoherent mumbling*


last time i laughed this hard was when chris told me that his dick has a name


Jon teaching us some quality mythology [x]


Bless this man

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the next time someone tells you about something and the words “i heard that was bad” are about to come out of your mouth, stop for a second and think about why. 1. why are you telling that to someone who probably likes the thing. 2. who did you hear it from? some nerd blogger or something that deconstructed the actual things wrong with the thing? and if so, are you looking for a discussion or just that you’ve heard of it and in the hearing heard it was bad? do you think it’s bad? why? BE MORE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR CRITICISM PLEASE


you learn to take the little victories

i thought about this both times i took the sat


people are following me probably thinking im cool

truth is 

you are completely right

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Captain Kirk is confused